Lolileptic bastards

Calumnia is the first artist to be released through us. He plays sick dark ambient out in a dungeon in Poland or something.

Releases: LOLI-001
Lolirolla! is our youngest artist, unless you ask her on /mu/. She does all sorts of lolicore and stuff, as well as some cool witchy stuff under the name CΘVΞN. Yep.

Releases: LOLI-002 LOLI-003

adsmz is the loli alias of the somehow even lesser-known AJHunter, as well as the founder and owner of Lolileptic Records. His musical style consists of "what happens if I string these modules together and press buttons really fast?"
He can be found on Bandcamp, Tumblr, and Lolicore Nation.

Releases: LOLI-004 LOLI-007 LOLI-012

Erotic Motif is some dude that makes splitter but not album art.

Releases: LOLI-005

ttrrrrss makes noise.

Releases: LOLI-006
SATANOID is a lolicore artist from Finland with like, 5 posts on lolicore nation. He seems p cool.

Releases: LOLI-008
Emray is a bro that makes lolicore and is super kawaii and sugoii and stuff. He and his 2D waifu live in, like, Finland or something

Releases: LOLI-009 LOLI-011 (With HENTAiCORE) LOLI-0013
moshi moshi motherfuckers i'm an 11 years old ear rapist nazi from germany who is kawaii and sugoiii and shiet.
i'm satanic for life and my fav waifu is emray-sama ("i would incest my sister if i had one").
contact: analian500(at)

Releases: LOLI-011 (With Emray)

Who are these fuckers?

These little shits are the musicians who have released anything through Lolilepsy Records. They are the perverted onii-chan to the onee-sama that is your hearing. Don't fuck with them (unless you have a flat chest).