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Calumnia - Metus Causa

LOLI-001 dark ambient

Lolirolla! -
A Small Collection Of Really Bad Music You Probably Shouldn't Listen To For Your Own Safety And Well-Being Because It Will Most Likely Cause Permenant Ear Damage And That's Never Fun

LOLI-002 extratone, hardcore, noise
(Mega mirror)

Lolirolla! -
I Made An Entire Dancecore Album In Three Hours (And I Regret It Already)

LOLI-003 dancecore, breaks (Mega mirror)


LOLI-004 lolicore, terrorcore (Mega mirror)

Erotif Motif - Quilted Forest

LOLI-005 lolicore, extratone (Mega mirror)

ttrrrrss - sxfmbr

LOLI-006 noise (Mega mirror)

AJHunter - Songs for Cool Robots

LOLI-007 rhythmic noise (check lolicore.ch ;D )


LOLI-008 lolicore

Download: Side A | Side B

Emray - Deukmyo

LOLI-009 lolicore (Mega mirror)

Lolicore Nation: Am I Kawaii Onii-Chan?

LOLI-010 lolicore, community compilation (Mega mirror)

Emray & HENTAiCORE - good morning, oniichan

LOLI-011 lolicore, breakcore, split (Mega mirror)

AJHunter - The Feedback

LOLI-012 harsh noise (Mega mirror)

Emray - Depressing Lack of Creativity

LOLI-013 embreaks (Mega mirror)