Release your shit with us!

Do you make lolicore? Speedcore? Noise? Dark ambient? If it's not danceable music and people find it abrasive, we want to release it! Contact us with details and we'll work with you! You maintain all rights to your music, but you grant us the right to distribure it and advertise it. All releases are added to Last.FM unless you say otherwise. Yep.

We got it! Unless we fucked this form up some how, in which case we're stupid.
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  • Be sure to include a download link!
  • Make sure your MP3s are at least 192kb/s (320kb/s preferred) and are properly tagged with title, artist, and album, or go through Bandcamp!
  • If your music isn't free, provide us with a free link so we can put it on LastFM!
  • Don't forget album art!
  • If you're a new artist to us, and you want your own pic and bio, include those! If not, we'll write it ourselves!
  • And above all else: